Welcome to FŪSUI NEW YORK by certified Feng Shui consultant Masako Amati.

FŪSUI (風水)means Feng Shui in Japanese. Feng Shui means Wind and Water(風水). Feng Shui is the knowledge of how the flow of energies in the environment effects our life. Good Feng Shui brings harmony based on Yin and Yang, Five elements and other complex aspects of the environment.

Feng Shui is a tool for making our life better. It is not magic, superstition or religion. Unseen energies surrounding our environment constantly change through time. When our space (home, office, shop etc..) is full of positive energy, we will benefit and improve our life….wealth, prosperity, relationships, love, career and happiness.

正統派風水を現代の住宅事情に合うように取り入れ 幸運を呼び込むエネルギーを
最大限に生活空間に取り入れ 皆様の運気向上のお役に立つことを目指しております。